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Light and Shadow
Empowering Women to Unapologetically,
Reclaim their Health.



This is the place for you if you're feeling unheard and blatantly ignored by the health system and are seeking alternative solutions for your health.

Here you'll learn to stand up, speak up and be heard when advocating for your health.

Light and Shadow

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Beyond Diagnosis Podcast

Join Rita De Michele for the podcast, a movement to showcase strategies and techniques that empower you to take control and advocate for your life and others.  From mindfulness and resilience-building to alternative therapies and cutting-edge research, each episode provides you with knowledge and actionable insights to improve your health and wellness.


Recent Podcasts & Blogs

Check out the latest Blogs and "Our Life is OnUs" podcast episodes for open, transparent conversations to inspire and empower you to become the champion of your life whilst navigating the wonderful and sometimes confusing path towards wellness.

The Benefits of
Alternative Wisdom.

For women over forty years or more and dealing with long-term chronic health issues, exploring alternative health practices can be a transformative journey towards healing and empowerment. These practices, often rooted in holistic and functional approaches, offer refreshing contrast to the sometimes rigid confines of traditional healthcare.

But, a common reason stopping women from using alternative practices is the myth that it's experimental, ineffective and scientifically unsound.

The Beyond Diagnosis Podcast dispels these myths by talking alternative health practitioners about what they do, and how their solutions empower you to take charge of your own health.


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