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onus - rita de michele

1-1 Coaching

Rita De Michele provides 1-1 Coaching sessions to help you take a deep dive into who you are, your mindset and what you want as you navigate life and the sometimes confusing and overwhelming path towards wellness.

Onus Rita De Michele Coaching

In these 1-1 sessions, Rita supports those of you experiencing health or life challenges who are ready to gain clarity and direction to achieve your goals by looking at your mindset to uncover and transform limiting beliefs and stories holding you back from living your life with confidence, intention and alignment.  She will also work with you to explore various ways to manage your health and well-being as well as help you become aware of your emotions, behaviours, habits and patterns that may be preventing you from experiencing wellness and living your best life.

Throughout these sessions, Rita will use a range of techniques to support you to gain deep insights and clarity, understand how you can step into your own power as well as learn techniques to help you develop a solution-focused mindset and build your confidence so you feel seen and heard in life.  She will use techniques within Life & Mindset Coaching, Mindfulness and Emotional Energy Therapies, to pave the way for you to shift your perception and change your mind-set so you think and show up in the world authentically and achieve faster results, greater transformation and lasting success.


If you are feeling stuck, isolated, overwhelmed, confused, unsupported or unheard, or like you are not achieving what you want around your health and wellbeing or life in general, I’ve got you, you’re not alone.


Book in for a 1-1 Coaching session today if you are ready to invest in and take control of your well-being, are open to making positive, permanent changes in your life.

30-minute session $110

1-hour session $180

Note:  Rita does not make decisions or give medical advice to the clients or their support persons.  Always refer to your healthcare provider.

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