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About Me

onus - rita de michele

Do you feel unheard and blatantly ignored when seeking answers

to your unresolved health concerns?

I’m listening..

I’ve been where you are now! From a young age, I was getting constant headaches, stomach pains and anxiety. At the age of thirteen, I got a severe bout of gastroenteritis, was given antibiotics and sent on my way.

That started a rollercoaster of symptoms and my journey looking for relief from my digestive issues and constant headaches. 

If you are experiencing thoughts of  “why is this happening?” “Am I the only one?” “How do I figure this out?”

That’s where I come in.


I have the lived experience and mindset tools to help you figure it out by listening to your concerns, raising your awareness for self-care, exploring strategies to develop a solution-focused mindset, inner confidence, courage and bravery to rise above adversity to find the best help your health deserves.

Here’s what you’ll come away with:

  • Feeling heard

  • You’re not alone

  • Confidence in your future health

  • Boundaries and clarity for your goals 

  • That a holistic approach is best

  • Hope and a sense of possibility

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