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Be Your Own Best Advodate.

Empowering women to reclaim their health, Unapologetically.


Helping women who feel unheard and ignored when seeking alternative solutions for their health to stand up, speak up and be heard

by advocating for themselves.

The benefits of Alternative Wisdom.

My name is Rita De Michele and I'm passionate about helping women who are experiencing frustration around their mental, emotional and physical health ?


Can’t find the root cause to your symptoms

Coping with the emotional strain of your condition

Feeling unheard by the limited 10 minute medical consultation.

The negative impact on your relationships

Feeling shame and guilt for not standing up for yourself.


It's time to rewrite your story and reclaim your wellness, one empowered step at a time.

onus - rita de michele

1-1 Coaching Services

Rita De Michele's 1-1 Coaching sessions help you to take a deep dive into who you are, your mindset and what you want as you navigate life and the sometimes confusing and overwhelming path towards wellness.

Onus - Rita De Michele - Life and Mindset Coaching

If you are feeling stuck, isolated, overwhelmed, confused, unsupported or unheard, or like you are not achieving what you want around your health and wellbeing or life in general, I’ve got you, you’re not alone.

Book in for a 1-1 Coaching session today if you are ready to invest in and take control of your well-being, are open to making positive, permanent changes in your life.


Beyond Diagnosis Podcast

Join Rita De Michele for the "Our Life is OnUs" podcast, a movement to showcase strategies and techniques that empower you to take control and advocate for your life and others.  From mindfulness and resilience-building to alternative therapies and cutting-edge research, each episode provides you with knowledge and actionable insights to improve your health and wellness.

onus - rita de michele
Onus HealthTalks Podcast

Recent Podcasts & Blogs

Check out the latest Blogs and "Our Life is OnUs" podcast episodes for open, transparent conversations to inspire and empower you to become the champion of your life whilst navigating the wonderful and sometimes confusing path towards wellness.

Onus - Rita De Michele

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