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Optimize Your Wellness | Exploring the Power of Your Lymphatic System

Beyond Diagnosis Podcast with Expert Guests.

Listen to a new episode to improve control of your mind.

I had a fascinating talk with Heather Creson about our Lymphatic system and why this system needs to be functioning properly to remove toxins and waste from your body.

Learn what’s really behind your symptoms of:

Brain Fog

Swollen extremities



We discussed solutions, getting to the root cause, alternative medicine and restoring confidence in your body's ability to heal.


It’s now time to take action on what you’ve learnt!

Do whatever feels right for you to commit to taking action this week. There’s nothing more important than taking care of your health.



Heather Creson

Heather Creson is a Cellular Optimization Specialist, specialising in chronic pain, long covid, drainage and detoxification.  She helps people get to the root cause of unresolved health concerns, chronic illnesses, or mysterious conditions they are experiencing. She aims to help these individuals break free from the conventional medical model of chasing symptoms and get to the REAL issues that keep people sick and impede their healing process. 

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